Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mir (disambiguation)
Mir (Russian: Мир, which can mean both peace and world) may have the following meanings:

Space Station Mir, a Soviet/Russian space station.
Mir (band), a Canadian music group
Mir (ruler), (Arabic: أمير ) synonymous to Emir
Mir (title), (Urdu: مير) is a title in Pakistan
Mir (tribe), (Urdu: مير) is a tribe in Pakistan
Mir Taqi Mir, pen name of an Urdu poet
Aasmah Mir, BBC Radio Five Live presenter and news reader and newspaper columnist.
Frank Mir, Mixed Martial Artist, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion.
Mir (social), a type of rural community in Imperial Russia
Mir, Belarus, a town in Belarus
Mir Castle Complex, a castle and World Heritage Site in the said town
Mir (A Time Odyssey), the fictional world in Arthur C. Clarke's novel Time's Eye
Mir yeshiva (Poland)
Mir (Jerusalem), Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem
Mir (Brooklyn), Mir Yeshiva in New York
Mir Mine, the famous Soviet diamond pipe.
miR (MicroRNA), an endogenous small RNA molecule involved in RNA-mediated gene silencing.
MIR (submersible)
STS Mir, a ship
Mir (computer), an early Soviet personal computer (uk:ЕОМ "МИР-1", uk:ЕОМ "МИР-2")
Mir Publishing House
Mir (lens)

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