Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Wikipedia policy about articles layout, see Wikipedia:Guide to layout.
Layout may refer to:
Automobile layout
Comprehensive layout
Integrated circuit layout
Keyboard layout
Page layout
Web layout
In gymnastics, a layout is a position in which the gymnast's body is completely stretched, toes pointed and legs straight. A layout in tumbling, vault or balance beam is a salto performed in this position. In some countries, layout saltos are referred to as 'straights.' (ie, "he performed a double straight")
In computer software, a layout is the arrangement of the widgets in a graphical user interface (see Layout manager)
In computer programming language syntax, layout is an alternative name for the off-side rule
In computer graphics, a layout is another name for a scene (computer graphics) used to render 2D/3D graphics/animation
In ultimate (sport), a layout is an attempt to catch the disc involving a jump that results in a horizontal landing
Model railroad layout, model railroads are often referred to as layouts

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