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The Samanids (819–999) The mass conversion of the Turks to Islam eventually led to a growing influence of the Ghaznavids, who would later rule the region. Another lasting contribution of the Samanids to the history of Islamic art is the pottery known as Samanid Epigraphic Ware: plates, bowls, and pitchers fired in a white slip and decorated only with calligraphy, often elegantly and rhythmically written. The Arabic phrases used in this calligraphy are generally more or less generic well wishes, or Islamic admonitions to good table manners. In 999 their realm was conquered by the Karakhanids.
Under Ghaznavid rule, the Shahnameh, was completed. In commending the Samanids, the epic Persian poet Ferdowsi says of them:
کجا آن بزرگان ساسانیان زبهرامیان تا بسامانیان
"Where have all the great Sassanids gone? From the Bahrāmids to the Samanids"

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