Monday, November 5, 2007

The Rákóczi (older spelling Rákóczy) were a noble family in the Kingdom of Hungary between the 13th century and 18th century. Their name is also spelled Rakoczi and Rakoczy in some foreign (English) sources.
Probably the most famous member of the family was Francis II Rákóczi (1676-1735) who was elected prince (fejedelem) of the Confederated Estates of the Kingdom of Hungary and Prince of Transylvania 1703-1711. He led an anti-Habsburg war during that time.
The mysterious Count of St. Germain is believed by some to have been the son of Prince Francis (Ferenc) II Rákóczi.
Other notable members have included:
The Rákóczi March by John Bihari and (memorably orchestrated by Hector Berlioz) refers to them.

Sigismund Rákóczi (Zsigmond)- elected Prince of Transylvania 1607-1608
George I Rákóczi (György) - elected Prince of Transylvania 1630-1648
George II Rákóczi(György) - Prince of Transylvania 1648-1657

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