Tuesday, November 6, 2007

South Scots
South Scots is one of the names given to the dialect (or group of dialects) of Scots spoken in most of the Scottish Borders region, with the notable exception of Berwickshire and Peeblesshire, which are, like Edinburgh, part of the SE Central Scots dialect area. It may also be known as Border Scots, the Border tongue or by the names of the towns inside the South Scots area. Despite its name, it is not spoken in the whole of the south; the area the dialect is spoken in is much smaller and only includes a small part of eastern Dumfriesshire, all of Roxburghshire and most of Selkirkshire.
Towns where South Scots dialects are spoken include:

Galashiels (Gala or Galae)
Jedburgh (Jethart)
Kelso (Kelsae)
St. Boswells (Bosells)

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